8 Easy Ways To Monetize Your YouTube Channel

Did you know your video content can induce plutocrats online? If you’re racking up a substantial number of views, or if your content keeps the attention of viewers for minutes at a time, also you could be cashing in on advertising profit and more. 

At Kaptus Digital Marketing, we understand that you want to make and partake the stylish videotape content possible – and if you want to make some profit using those vids, follow these tips on how to earn plutocrat via your YouTube account. 


Join a YouTube Partner Program

Anyone can monetize videos on YouTube as long as they follow a few requirements. To join the YouTube Partner Program, you must first complete two crucial milestones. 

The first is hitting subscribers. This means people have clicked the “ subscribe” button on your YouTube channel to see your videos in their feed when they login to YouTube on their computer or mobile device. 

The alternate corner is reaching watch hours over the last 12 months. To be clear, this means people have inclusively watched hours of content on your channel and don’t bear you to upload videos that total hours in playtime. 

Once you hit this corner, you’ll need to make sure that your content is within YouTube’s guidelines. That means producing high-quality content that doesn’t violate brand rules or terms of service. That’s no problem if you pay attention to intimately available guidelines and general fair use rules but is a commodity you should be conscious of if you want to join youtube’s mate program. 

Breaking those rules can ruin your chances of making it as a videotape creator online. When you break copyright law the factual creator of the content can issue a brand strike on your channel and your videotape will be removed. Your own channel will be removed if you acquire three of them. However, if the announcement is confined or indeed deleted, If you break general YouTube’s terms of service you may find your multiple videos being demonetized. Videotape generators need to lug that thin line between brand and TOS veritably precisely, but bones that do can find a lot of success online. 

So, you did everything right, fulfilled all youtube mate program conditions and your content is within guidelines. Next, if you want to learn “ how to monetize my YouTube vids” in terms of announcement profit, enrollments, and youtube monetization in general take a look at our list of different ways you can make plutocrat from your  content. 


8 Ways To Get Monetized on YouTube

Let’s take a look at how you may monetize your YouTube videos immediately. You may earn money from your YouTube channel in a variety of ways.

Ad Revenue

The most frequent approach to monetize your YouTube videos is through ad income. When you join the YouTube Partner Program, you’ll be able to turn on ads for all of your films that match the advertiser-friendly content requirements right away.

Advertisements may appear before, during, or after your video. They may even appear as a banner over your video as people watch it. The number of commercials you see is determined by the length of your video. The YouTube algorithm modifies what is deemed the best duration of a video from time to time, so keep an eye on it. Every ad that shows on your video earns you a 55% split of the cash, which is sent into your Google AdSense account.

Channel Memberships

Channel membership is a newer feature of YouTube that you might not be aware of. This feature allows fans of your material to pay a subscription fee to gain access to exclusive videos that aren’t available to the general public, as well as personal live streams and other bonus content.

If you want to make money from channel memberships, don’t forget about the folks that pay the extra charge. To make your members feel special, be sure to include enough extra content and host live streams.

To gain access to channel membership, your channel must first have 30,000 subscribers.

Merchandise Shelf

Selling official branded stuff on YouTube is a brilliant idea. It’s simple to build YouTube advertising to persuade people to buy your stuff, whether you put up a traditional retail store or utilise a third-party site that prints and distributes the merchandise for you.

You could also use YouTube’s Merchandise Shelf function, which works with Teespring, a third-party distributor. Users with more than 10,000 members can use this functionality.

Stickers and Super Chat

During a live stream, users can donate money via Super Chats and stickers. Anyone who wishes to send you a sticker or a message can do so via Super Chat if you do livestreams with your subscribers frequently.

This ties the tip to a message, making it simpler to spot. Engage with those who send these Super Chats to encourage people to keep tipping and to create a more engaging experience.

In a Super Chat, users can tip up to $500, and you’ll keep roughly 70% of any donation.

Create content that is sponsored

Another common way to make money on YouTube is through sponsored material, which is not a feature of the site.

To create sponsored content, you’ll need to first find a firm ready to fund your videos. The more views you get, the more probable it is that firms will contact you and offer you money to market their products.

Brand Connect is one of the web services that make it easier to identify brands searching for sponsorship possibilities.


Another method of generating cash that does not need the use of a specific YouTube feature is crowdfunding.

You can urge people to sign up for monthly donations to help you maintain producing content by using a popular crowdfunding platform like Patreon. To make it easy for people to find you on other platforms, including a link to your crowdfunding website in your content or in the description of your films.

YouTube Premium Revenue

All YouTube accounts have access to YouTube Premium, which is a paid service.. When people pay for access to YouTube Premium, they pay to do down with advertisements and access fresh features like “ background play.” 

There are over 20 million Premium members, and the number is growing all the time.

When a member of YouTube Premium watches your content, YouTube will automatically pay you if you’re formerly accepted into the Partner Program

Come a Brand Affiliate

Eventually, getting a brand chapter is a decreasingly popular way of getting monetized on YouTube. 

Joining a chapter program means chancing products that you suppose your observers are likely to want to buy and also furnishing a chapter link to your observers and encouraging them to make the purchase. When people buy products through your chapter link, you’ll take a chance of the trade. 

Tips for Monetizing Your YouTube Videos

It’s important to remember that just because these capabilities are available to you doesn’t guarantee you’ll start making money right away. The key to becoming a successful YouTuber and earning money from your content is to make sure that each video you upload provides value to your audience.

People need a cause to keep coming back to your website and watching your videos.

There are a few other things you can do to improve your YouTube revenue potential.

These are:

  • Only support high-quality products that you actually believe in.
  • Sell high-quality merchandise that customers will desire to wear.
  • Post on a regular basis to maintain consistency.
  • Pay attention to your audience and engage them as much as possible.
  • Increase the number of platforms where your channel can be found.
  • Reward your supporters.

Remember that it’s more vital to ask yourself, “How can I deliver the finest content for my viewers?” than “How can I monetize my YouTube videos.” The trick is to start with high-quality, engaging material and work your way up from there.



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