Top 6 Programmatic Advertising Platforms Available In India To Grow

Programmatic advertising is a marketing technique that uses automated data to show ads online. These ads are optimized for performance, meaning the highest number of people will see them and click on them. 

According to Businesses Around the World, programmatic advertising has been shown to increase ROI for advertisers in a variety of industries including automotive, travel, retail and healthcare.

With this new form of digital advertising growing in popularity in India, there are more opportunities than ever before for marketers. 


Types Of Programmatic Advertising Platforms

There are a few different types of programmatic advertising platforms you can use in India. You can use either a centralized or decentralized platform. 

Centralized Platforms: These platforms are similar to Google AdWords and Bing Ads in the sense that they’re managed by one company from beginning to end. This means you have less work to do since these companies do all of the heavy lifting for you. 

They provide data, ads, and analytics for your campaigns. Plus, these websites offer more customization and creative options for your ads, so you can create compelling ad content more easily than with a decentralized platform. 

Decentralized Platforms: These platform offer more creative freedom and flexibility for your campaign since no one owns them. However, this also means that you have to do more work since these sites don’t have as much data available or offer as many tools as centralized platforms.

You also have to do more work on the back-end to ensure that your ads are running properly across different ad networks and targeting criteria.

Below is a list of Six popular programmatic advertising platforms in India today:

Google AdWords 

Google AdWords promotions allows advertisers to promote their products or services from the Google Display Network, Search Network, YouTube, DoubleClick Search Marketing (DSM) and Search Partners (Yahoo!, AOL and Microsoft).

Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising provides marketers with an easy way to connect with their audience on Facebook through text, image and video advertising

Google Marketing Platform

Google Advertising Platform majorly consists of DSP (DV360), Google Adverts, Adserver (Campaign Manager 360), Tag manager(GTM), Analytics manager (Google Analytics), Creative supervisor ( Studio) and report builder (Data Studio).

Google marketing platform gives the marketer an entire new promoting expertise. It helps the marketer to do finish to finish campaign administration by means of all sources GMP has throughout digital promoting, campaign administration and monitoring. GMP offers built-in digital promoting comfort to entrepreneurs by giving them every thing in a single set to run their digital programmatic shopping for campaigns. 

GMP is an person pleasant software which supplies the marketer a variety of entry in a programmatic ads setting. GMP helps programmatic shopping for of advert area for all three formats reminiscent of Show, Video and Audio advertising.


Citeo is a programmatic ads DSP that’s well-known for using in-house third-celebration audiences for remarketing and excessive conversion charge skill. Criteo DSP works on the premise of CPC price metric and it has a really excessive click-on to conversion ratio than every other programmatic platforms. 

In Criteo no google or first celebration viewers can be utilized, Criteo DSP is in-built such a means that it could run solely with the Criteo in-house third party viewers knowledge.

Just lately Criteo has developed Criteo’s personal API to energy the marketers promoting utilizing Criteo’s customized report builder API, automated Criteo’s Marketing campaign setup API, and automated Bid administration API. With this assist of the API techniques, Criteo gives an enhanced alternative for the Entrepreneurs to do full-funnel marketing for their brand.

Amazon Advertising

Amazon DSP helps advertisers attain their goal-appropriate viewers from amazon apps in addition to Amazon’s website with the assistance of algorithms run by the system programmatically. 

It helps advertisers to succeed in out to the viewers through Amazon publishing companions and third-celebration exchanges. Amazon DSP helps programmatic shopping for of advert area for all of the three codecs reminiscent of Show, Video, and Audio promoting. 

Amazon DSP gives an extremely protected promoting expertise to the Advertisers with the assistance of the model security promoting insurance policies of Amazon. The Amazon DSP comes with the each self-service and managed-service choice for the Advertisers who wish to attempt Amazon DSP for his or her programmatic advertisements business.

The contextual targeting functionality of the Amazon DSP has been strengthened by the sources reminiscent of Oracle Information Cloud (ODC) – customized predictions and DoubleVerify – Customized contextual. The ODC gives the marketer an higher hand in marketing by permitting them to capitalize on the inventories related to the trending contents.

The Bidding technique which Amazon has is completely transparent to the Advertisers. The advertisers can management their finances and spend at any stage of their campaign, they’ll even management their spend in the direction of the KPI aim and campaign efficiency on its programmatic promoting platform.


MediaMath gives the advertiser a snug and highly effective online digital promoting expertise with the assistance of its DSP TerminalOne programmatic promoting platform. MediaMath helps marketers handle their cell, show, social, video, audio and native campaigns with the assistance of an omnichannel international ecosystem.

MediaMath delivers an entire bundle of campaign dealing with entrepreneurs together with campaign execution, reporting, focusing on and inventive administration. MediaMath fully focuses on delivering one of the best outcomes by way of conversion ratios and higher returns on advert spends.

As a result of big selection of skill, MediaMath holds on Programmatic advertisements, Disney+ Hotstar has just lately collaborated with MediaMath to offer entrepreneurs with an extremely protected model safesetting together with premium inventories to do marketing with an intensive viewers attain by means of OTT platform programmatically.

What is useful right here for the marketer because of this collaboration of Disney+ Hotstar and MediaMath, is that this successive collaboration between the marketer and advertisers can attain even the narrowest areas of the nation with a really excessive premium stock on supply by means of programmatic. 

Additionally, advertisers should purchase the Programmatic Guaranteed (PG) and Non-public Market offers to focus on the precise inventories and proper set of targets for his or her model.

MediaMath with an enormous attain and precise key focusing on skill MediaMath is providing the Advertiser to do very precise marketing for his or her model even within the regional areas of India by means of live sports activities or leisure occasions.

With the entry to viewers based shopping for strategies within the programmatic shopping for setting provided by MediaMath, advertisers can have extra transparency and management over their campaigns and goal the precise required participating audiences to discover higher conversion outcomes for his or her campaigns.


How Programmatic Advertising Works

Programmatic advertising is a data-driven marketing strategy that uses automated algorithms to serve targeted ads online. The most important part of the process is what the programmatic advertising platform collects and how it can be used.

The most popular programmatic advertising platforms collect information from various sources, including search engines, social media accounts, and websites that have been tagged with cookies.

These platforms use this information to show people ads for products and services that match their interests. For example, an ad for a new car may appear on someone’s Facebook feed if the person has recently searched for “new cars in Dallas.”

As mentioned above, these ads are optimized to provide the highest number of people with a good user experience so they will be likely to click on them. Another benefit of using programmatic advertising is its ability to not only reach your ideal audience but also expand your reach beyond your marketing efforts by reaching people who will never come across your website or social media posts otherwise.

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